Want More Traffic For Your Business?

With Pangolin´s Interactive Software, you have a mobile marketing device which gives your business, venue, or event the power to market to your customers in a whole new way.

Would You Like To Captive Your Audience?

Bring your audience together like never before, while automatically creating a database of cell phone number for future contact.

Looking for easy to use software with no bugs about it?

We pride ourselves on creating software that is easy to use, and tested in live environments.


Use SMS technology to captivate your audience in a while new way! Get direct audience feedback, in real time and know exactly what your customer base wants. Store client phone numbers for future contacts, and take your marketing efforts to the next level. Perfect addition for NIGHTCLUB, DJ's & LIVE EVENTS...


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What is
Interactive Messaging Unlimited?

Interactive Messaging Unlimited is an all in one package containg both the IMU and VMU software, a GSM modem, and the Tutorial DVD set. IMU sends and receives SMS text messages, as well as picture messages and can create visual displays based on these messages. All messages sent through the system automatically store the user's cell phone number, thus enabling you to run SMS promotions with the program. The visual displays can incorporate message text (i.e. chatting), can present bar-graphs based on the text (i.e. voting) and can also incorporate various other visual media such as live or pre-recorded video, animated advertisements, Macromedia FLASH, scrolling text, etc.


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